Johnnie Walker: Blue Label (Scottish Blended Whisky: No Age Statement: 40% ABV)

(Note: Due to being tried at the whisky show, these were smaller measures done in a packed and friendly social environment, so are not as full notes as normal, however the chance to tasting note such a range of high quality whiskies was not to be missed)

Visual: A light clear grain and gold mix.

Viscosity: Quite fast thick streaks.

Nose; Dry initially with a hint of smoke. The dry oak is prevalent.

Body: A mix of dry meats, a solid sweet syrup back, surprisingly a slight amount of peat and some cherry comes through.

Finish: Black cherry, charring and a light alcohol air mixing with light chocolate.

Conclusion: Once this was the rarest whisky I had tried, and it’s interesting to go back to it with a more experienced pallet.  It was said by the promoters that this whisky needs a lot of time to expand, so unfortunately the small measures at the whisky show worked against it in that regard, as I got the feeling it hadn’t quite opened up by the time the sample was finished.

From what I got it has a nice whisky, adding in a surprising touch of peat and smoke to the Jonnie Walker range, though hardly enough to shift its mainstream aimed style. It’s a decent enough whisky, but doesn’t really compare well to its bedfellows

Oddly I remember reading that this was the only whisky  one of the higher up people at Enron would drink, which does nothing to disabuse me of the notion that Enron was run by a bunch of know nothing crooks with more money than sense.

It’s got a well put together and inoffensive style, and I get the feeling the range of play has a bit to go if you take a larger measure, but for the price you can get so much more.  Decent but far from fantastic.