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Kaiserdom: Pink Grapefruit (Germany: Low Alcohol: 0.0% ABV)

Visual: Deep toffee yellow brown colour, with a red to pink hue that shifts depending on how the light hits it. Large, loose bubbled white head.

Nose: Slight malt toffee. Malt chocolate. Very clear pink grapefruit.

Body: Sweet pink grapefruit. Mild strawberry. Vanilla toffee.

Finish: Chocolate cream. Pink grapefruit. White sugar. Chocolate fudge. Strawberry. Slightly chalky.

Conclusion: Ok, first up, this isn’t fancy. This isn’t complex. It is sweetened pink grapefruit for the most part, which is not exactly unexpected when it makes up 50% odd of the actual drink. Despite the amount of grapefruit it is not particularly tart for most of the beer, just slightly fresh. It isn’t very beer like for the most part either – with the beer character mainly coming through in a thicker mouthfeel than you would expect from pink grapefruit on its own. I’m guessing the beer is also part of what is responsible for offsetting the tarter notes you would expect from the grapefruit, but that is mainly a guess.

There is a soft vanilla to toffee character to this, which is, oddly, better expressed in this that their low alcohol hefe weizen. Go figure. Though admittedly that is a low bar to clear. There are some other notes that seem to come out from where the beer and fruit juice mix. The oddest element is a more malt chocolate character that, while rare, is not what you would expect. Less surprising but still unusual is a strawberry kind of note that is hinted at. Between them the two poke their way out at the high and low end of the beer.

As a simple shandy/radler/whatever the heck we call this, it relies on the pink grapefruit which meshes well to cover up the flaws of the base low alcohol beer and the beer adds a nice feel to the pink grapefruit. However, with that said, this is basically pink grapefruit juice that has been sweetened and mellowed. Thankfully I really like pink grapefruit and so this is for me.

Your entire enjoyment will come down to the simple question of – Do you like pink grapefruit? Is so, then this is that but with a different texture. If you are happy with basically that and just a little more then you will enjoy this as bright fun.

It is nothing more than that, but still better than the actual pure low alcohol beers they made.

Background: I wasn’t planning on doing notes on this, I grabbed a can of this at the same time I grabbed the other Kaiserdom low alcohol beers I did notes on, for something light to throw into the mix. Anyway, turned out I actually enjoyed it more than the actual dedicated beers, so decided to grab another to do notes on to reward it. Yes I can be strange some times. Grabbed from Independent Spirit like the others. I went with Svalbard: It’s Hard To Have Hope as backing music.

Kaiserdom: Hefe-Weissbier: Alcohol Free (Germany: Low Alcohol: 0.0% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy light yellow with lots of small bubbled carbonation in the body. A medium sized, small bubbled white head.

Nose: Mild mustard on crusty white bread.

Body: Peppery. Wet cardboard. Wheat flakes. Light charring. Orange skin. Lemon cakes. Slight sulphur. Moderate bitterness.

Finish: Peppery. Orange skin. Wheat fields. Slight charring. Very mild mustard.

Conclusion: Ok, first up, this has cleared the incredibly low bar of being better than their low alcohol lager.

Achievement unlocked!

It has a reasonable amount of grip to the texture, with a wheaty mouthfeel. There are some hints of citrus in mild orange and lemon ways, so it is doing some work here.

It is however, still kind of dull. Sorry.

It’s got mainly a peppery thing going on, along with some bitterness and charring. It is very basic, with some unpleasant wet cardboard and sulphur in there as well.

So, with that out of the way, what I am going to concentrate on is the fact that it has (Admittedly very mild) mustard on crusty bread note to the aroma. What even is that? I mean, nothing in the aroma is pushed heavily so it is just a faint impression and hard to get a grip on, but it feels like it is there.

The fact that this is the most interesting part of the beer is pretty damning then.

I mean it is possible my mind is so bored with this it just started making up things to hold my attention.

Ok, now I’m starting to note it in the finish, my mind must just be messing with me here.

So anyway, kind of dull. You may have got that already.

Conclusion:I grabbed a couple of different Kaiserdom zero abv beers when I was in Independent Spirit recently. I’m always on the lookout for good low to zero alcohol beers to tide me over dry days. I have already done notes on the lager, the less said about that the better, but I was hoping this weisse take would be better. I’ve seen a wide variety of low alcohol takes on a weisse, and they seem to vary in how they approach the style more than most other low abv beers, so I was hoping this would be at least interesting to examine. Not much else to add, went with Miracle Of Sound’s great metal album “Metal Up” For backing music. That way if the beer was rubbish at least I had good tunes.

Kaiserdom: Lager Beer: Alcohol Free (Germany: Low Alcohol. 0.0% ABV)

Visual: Clear yellow gold. Large white mounded head of loose bubbles. Lots of small bubbled carbonation.

Nose: Wet cardboard. Soft banana. Creamy lime. Vanilla. Low bitterness.

Body: Wet cardboard. Slightly sulphurous. Charred bitterness. Sour-dough. Slight chalk.

Finish: Slight charring and bitterness. Wet. Sulphur. Sour dough.

Conclusion: This is so “meh”, just sub par in most elements and in general mildly, though not offensively, bad.

Unlike that start to the notes, the start to this beer is actually not too bad. It looks like a larger, being fairly bright in colour and clear, with a good sized and robust head. Beyond clearing that very low bar it also had a passable aroma. While it opens with less pleasant wet cardboard, it also brings some soft fruit notes around it which hold some promise. So, not the worst way to kick off.

The body is, well, to put it bluntly, fairly shit. Still wet cardboard, but now matched with vaguely sulphurous elements, and, at best, it can be described as sour dough like. The sulphurous element means that it doesn’t refresh like a cleaner lager would. Worse still, it doesn’t give an extra flavour to make you want to take your time with it and examine it if it isn’t going the refreshing lager route. It has no way to look at it where it works.

The finish continues to be sulphurous and charred, and in general just stuffy feeling. So, it isn’t actively terrible, it just tastes like what uncomfortable feels like is the best way I can describe it.

So, not enjoyable, and nothing actively going for it. Even the aroma which is the best element barely passes ok and that is the only bit that manages that.

In this time of amazing low alcohol beers there is no excuse for one like this.

Background: This is a fairly simple story, saw a bunch of canned low alcohol beers at Independent Spirit from Kaiserdom, a German brewery I had not tried yet. Needed some low alcohol, or this case no alcohol, beers for a few days dry, so grabbed some and decided to do notes on them. Ta dah! Decided to do the lager one first, see how they manage the basics before trying the more fancy beers. Music wise Garbage had just released No Gods, No Masters, so as a huge fan of them from the 90s I picked it up and put it on while drinking. Pretty impressed so far.

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