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Maisel’s Weisse: Alkoholfrei (Germany: Low Alcohol: 0.5% ABV)

Visual: Overripe banana yellow to caramel. Cloudy body. Very large mounded white head.

Nose: Wheat flakes. Soft lemon. Cloves. Subtle pomegranate. Coriander. Toffee.

Body: Wheaty. Slightly milky. Good thickness. Carrot and coriander. Soft lemon. Lightly peppery. Toffee.

Finish: Soft lemon. Carrot and coriander. Light hop character. Soft lime. Toffee and soft caramel. Palma violets.

Conclusion: A lot of low alcohol beers suffer from a lack of weight to them. They taste good, but there is nothing to stop you necking them down, so often they can vanish too quickly and feel kind of empty, despite the flavour, compared to a heavier beer.

I would guess it is the wheat that does it, though I can’t be sure as I have had other wheat beers that still have the issue, but this definitely doesn’t have that problem. This has a lovely, slightly milky, wheaty thickness. A weight that makes you take your time – so a good start for the beer there.

The aroma promises a lot as well. There is lovely soft lemon, which is the first of the hefe weisse style hints, followed by a lot more – giving the spice some room, some sweet notes, and even on the eye this has a cloudy, rich colour that shouts the beer style. So far not losing much to the low abv at all.

Main body doesn’t quite follow through. It is more milky, and with that not quite pushing the flavours promised by the aroma, however that does help with the good, solid texture and mouthfeel. It isn’t completely lacking either, with a light but pleasant spice and sweet character that does the job well enough to be enjoyable.

The finish brings things back though, with that soft lemon coming back along with a heavier spice and sweetness. Throughout it feels like a thicker and more generally satisfying beer character than most.

So, generally good, not 100% on flavour but good enough that, when you add it to the weight and mouthfeel, it manages to more than do the job.

A very solid, slower drinking, low abv beer.

Background: Had this one quite a few times before I decided to finally do notes on it. Odd that this is comparatively easy to get – I don’t see many Maisel’s Weisse beers around – wish they were easier to get, they tend to be quite nice. Anyway, a low alcohol weisse beer, grabbed from Independent Spirit. I have a ton of beers I want to drink right now and I am relying on these low alcohol beers to give my liver a break. Went back to the 90s for Faithless: Sunday 8pm for backing music – While I prefer Reverence as an album, this has “God Is a DJ” which is so awesome. I do like their mix of dance sensibility and more melodic electronic music – I should return to them more often.

Maisels Weisse Kristall (Germany: Kristall weizen: 5.1% ABV)

Visual: Light clear yellowed colour, good inch of thick froth which could do with a flake. Decent carbonation within the body.

Nose: Crisp, fresh cut green peppers. Coriander and wheat. Fresh jiff lemon.

Body: Wheaty and crisp. Not too heavy set. Slight golden syrup. Malt. Orange and lemon. Lemon sponge. Banana.

Finish: Honey, wheat. Lemon pancakes. Very fresh. Chives.

Conclusion: It’s all in the finish. The main body leans towards a more standard lager freshness but without too much flavour, adding just a few wheat and lemon touches. It shies away from controversial elements as if afraid to offend.

The finish is where it opens up, showing surprising character from what seemed to be a shy wallflower. It makes for an easy drinking yet appealing beer. Not the full package, but enough does slip through to occasionally fool you. A decent enough thirst quencher.

Note: Half way through the beer and the body does expand with some banana as it warms up. A nice extra bit which makes it a good summer beer, if still not the most firm bodied.

Maisels Weisse Dunkel (Germany: Dunkel weizen: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy reddish brown, a shimmering range of colour and a moderate off white head.

Nose: Malty chocolate, coriander and wheat.

Body: Ovaltine, lots of wheat, malt.

Finish: Cherry liquor and milk chocolate. Lemon. Slightly bitter and charred end, lightly done. Black hard liquorice bits at the back.

Conclusion: A decent dunkel with a great finish as I’m coming to expect from the Maisel range, yet this one has a decent body to match.

Decent lasting flavour with masterful balance, this is well crafted dunkel with summer freshness and slight bitter chocolate intermixed.

A good outing and in the better half of the dunkel set for sure.

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