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Oakham: Midnight Mild (England: Mild: 4.0% ABV)

Visual: Opaque black with a moderate coffee cream beige head.

Nose: Very mild, hops, cream and coffee.

Body: Treacle, light bitter and milk chocolate. Malty. Slightly milky. Very light smoke.

Finish: Treacle and charring, then some bitter chocolate comes out. Quite dry feel.

Conclusion: A reasonable mild, but not one that particularly excites. It’s definitely a gulper not a sipper, as so often with the style. Doesn’t overstay its welcome, and rolls out a decent mix of flavours, not nothing seems to quite stick.

Another beer that’s unobjectionable but doesn’t find its own niche. Mild in type, nature and recollection. Unobtrusive would be the best word.

Sawbridgeworth Brewery: Mead Mild (England: Mild: 3.4% ABV)

Visual: Slight cherry brown with a thin rash of a creamy head.

Nose: Light hops, dry malt chocolate, slight sour black cherry. Light powdered milk.

Body: Very sour, lemon, tart raspberry. Slightly acidic, banana.

Finish: Sour raspberries, milk chocolate, lemon. Very refreshing. Coffee.

Conclusion: Ouch! A sour fruit burst from what was presumed to be an unassuming mild. Initially overpowering in its sharpness, it does slowly develop a more rounded character.

Very refreshing, reminds me of a milder form of rodenbach. A nice pick me up pint with almost lambicesque sourness. Though I must say the amazing amount of deviation from the expected style is astonishing.

Note: It in no way tastes like mead.

Brains Dark: (Wales: Mild : 4.1 ABV)

Visual: Pretty consistently black with hints of red shining through. Slight cream brown head.

Nose: Hops, thick treacle and cream. Heather field.

Body: Treacle again; bitter depths. Burnt wood and toffee.

Finish: Dry dusty wood, vanilla at the end. Slight breadness , maltiness and spices.

Conclusion: A firm beer; the treacle is somewhat too prevalent and overwhelming of the other flavours, but it still stands up. The flavour is slightly over harsh for the style. Another beer that’s worth a grab if you see it but don’t worry about searching it out.

A side note: The locals tell me this beer is “Tidy, isn’tit”

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