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Milton: Augustus (England: English Strong Ale: 5.8% ABV)

Visual: Grain to amber with a dashing bubbled head.

Nose: Fresh. Pineapple and light dust.

Body: Golden syrup, treacle, passion fruit and pineapple.  Custard. Very fresh and sweet. Fruit juice style. Noticeable bitter mid point between two sweet tones.

Finish: Passion fruit and bitter hops. Pineapple juice.

Conclusion: Have you ever wondered what alcoholic fruit juice would be like? Possibly not, I mean you’ve already most likely dropped vodka in juice so you already know.

Bitter alcoholic fruit juice on the other hand is something different, something we have here for one.

Lots of flavour, pineapple fruit juice style, but still very distinctly beer. A very punchy number. I really enjoyed this.  Fresh, refreshing but powerful with decent lasting bitterness.

Too high ABV for a proper session ale, but if you take it slow and talk a lot in between it may do a good impression to tide you through a warm day.

Background:  So far Milton and me have got along well, their habit of classically themed names and tap images sets a good first impression so I tend to try any of theirs I see on tap.  Thanks to Dylan for help with Photo duties.

Milton Brewery: Nero (England: Stout: 5% ABV)

Visual:  Very dark brown black with a thin dash of mocha froth coloured head.

Nose: Bitter creamy coffee and ground nuts.   Slight ash.  A very evident aroma, smooth and obvious.

Body: Very smooth. Bitter and nuts. Milky. Black cherry undertones. Hazelnuts.  Liquorice. Bitter coffee and slight sour undertones.

Finish: Slight liquorice, bitter and light dust. Flour textured. Milk chocolate and ash.

Conclusion:  This was highly recommended so I came to it with my interest already wetted, and in full readiness for the drinking to come.

It’s very smooth indeed for the style, and builds slowly at that.  The first touch seemed far too light, but the bitter coffee and slight sourness builds impressively.  It really is built as a session stout, and in that role it sits perfectly.  Smooth, creamy and flavoursome. It paces itself very well, and the smoke back gives a moment of rest between each sip, but without the beer vanishing completely.

Very good, and sits well for a nights drinking, in some ways more porter than stout, but that’s nit picking maybe.  One word of warning, the subtlety of it would probably not suit well after harsher beers, so pick your timings carefully.

Background: Whilst Milton is a name I’ve seen crop up a few times, this was to be a beer I came across without any preconceptions.  I say “was” as immediately upon its order its virtues were extolled to me by a friendly pair at the bar, leading to a fun discussion on beer, whisky as payment for playing, and the like.   Much as I enjoyed the conversation, I must say it did kinda blow my impartiality out of the water. Ah well , a fair trade I feel.

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