Moorhouses: Mistletoe Madness (England: Golden Ale: 4.0% ABV)

Visual: Ruddy red brown, red cheeks on a cold day. Middle sized creamy head.

Nose: Creamy, light and milky, slight white bread.

Body: Bitter and creamy, thick texture and smooth. Touch of burnt wood. Milky, some greenery. Just the slightest spicyness at the back and an almost caramel flavour.

Finish: Thick and flour textured, still a bitter hoppy touch and ash.

Conclusion: A pretty standard bitter flavoured beer with a nice thick texture. A beer you appreciate for the feel more than the flavour.

The beer is much better on the back of the throat than the front as that is where some of the complexity comes out.

Drinkable, though not special, but it does feel nice in the mouth with its thick texture.

Don’t reject it but don’t seek it out.