North Port Brechin Connoisseurs Choice 1982 (Scottish Whisky: Highland Single Malt (Closed Distillery): Bottled 2008 (26yo): 43% ABV)

Visual: Light Gold

Viscosity: Fast forming, many and thick.

Nose: Dry honeycomb and smoke. Wood shavings, light salt. Victorian house feel mixed with a fresh walk through the woods.

Body: Sweet, toffee and smoke. Sherried fruit – raspberries. Light sugar and icing. More toffee comes out with the water. Very appealing, just a hint of salt.

Finish: Vanilla, burnt wood. Slight harsh edge but quite light. Perfumed feel and brown sugar

Conclusion: This is a brilliant complex whisky. Fantastic toffee notes and a salt edge. Great both neat and with just a few drops of water. The water doesn’t change the character much apart from bringing out a little more obvious toffee elements.

All in all a fantastic dessert style whisky. I very much approve, and lament the closure of its home distillery.