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Odyssey: Devil May Care (England: IPA: 7.4% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy caramel brown with an apricot hint. Huge beiged frothy head. Moderate amount of small bubbled carbonation.

Nose: Pineapple. Caramel. Kiwi. Green grapes and crisp hops. Vanilla toffee. Light bitterness. Chocolate toffee. Mild orange and some blood orange. Vanilla.

Body: Tingling hops. Sour and fresh grapes. Fresh cut apples. Kiwi. Malt chocolate. Bubblegum. Lemongrass. Sulphur. Pineapple. Watermelon. Vanilla fudge.

Finish: Grapes. Bitter hops and slight greenery. Bubblegum. Mandarin orange. Lemon grass. Dried apricots. Nettles. Sulphur. Bitterness grows and growls over time. Coffee. Malt chocolate.

Conclusion: Ok, another big hopped, bitterness forwards boomer from Odyssey. Yet again it is different to the ones that came before. I am seriously getting into these brewers!

This one has a much more solid, darker base – dark malt chocolate, with a slightly rough feel and even an old school sulphurous element. It is very different to the ultra sweet or ultra dry IPAs that are very popular these days. There is a greenery touch to this, and high levels of heavy hop bitterness laden out. This is full of different characteristic being pushed out – a lovable mess of hop influences.

Initially you get very American style fruit with some New Zealand style tart fruit – apricot and grapes mixed with pineapple tartness. It then starts just jumping in every direction – from blood orange which reminds me of some of the newer hop breeds – to a bubblegum and lemongrass character that makes me swear this must have some Sorachi Ace in it. I love a good Sorachi Ace beer, so the impression of it being used here is great – Sorachi must be one of the greatest WTF odd hops around. More seriously, while this may be a mixed up mess, it works. You get a huge range of flavour and huge intensity. Not subtle or distinguished – this just keeps pounding you with different flavours.

So – not subtle – not polished – old school sulphur and intensity meets new school flavours..and..erm intensity. Not for everyone, but for me it a beautiful, wonderful mess that I adore.

Background: I have really been digging IPAs from Odyssey so far, so when I saw this small batch release from them at Independent Spirit it was a no-brainer on if I was going to grab it or not. I drank this after (finally) watching Force Awakens. It was ok I guess. Put on some Rise Against while drinking – mainly Endgame album, but added in “Prayer Of The Refugee” – again the whole anti immigrant hated shit going on currently is on my mind.


Odyssey: Imperial Hop Zombie Blood (England: IIPA: 9.2% ABV)

Visual: Deep black cherry red. Thin off white head.

Nose: Cherry pocked biscuits. Clean hop character and hop oils. Fresh pineapple and pink grapefruit. Caramel shortbread.

Body: Black cherry and red cherries. Caramel. Shortbread. Good hop bitterness. Pink grapefruit. Hop oils. Kiwi.

Finish: Hop bitterness. Clean hop oils. Black cherry yoghurt. Pineapple. Pink grapefruit. Dried passion-fruit.

Conclusion: Fucking yes. 4 days into 2017 at time of drinking. Seven days in by time I upload this, and we have already the first truly awesome beer of 2017. That was fast.

This has super clean hop character delivering solid bitterness and hop oils without any rough characteristics. There is a moderate malt sweetness, but a lot of the impressions come from the hops bringing tart fresh notes in everywhere; Though there is also a big cherries flavour which I am pretty sure is from the base malt. The two mix, cherries and tart grapefruit hop notes, giving a sweet and fresh mix that sparkles.

There are no off notes here, no rough edges – the flavours are big but polished to an inch of their life. Often I miss rough edges in the beer, but this keeps the intensity – bitter, not harsh. It feels like a super cherry touched amber ales meets Hardcore IPA. It really balances the sweet, bitter and tart fresh notes. In fact, on the Hardcore IPA comparison – this feels like what Brewdog wanted to do with their Hop Kill Nazis and similar but never quite reached.

Odyssey have always impressed me in all my, few so far, encounters with them – this is where they really hit the big time for me. If they can keep up this quality then they will become a legend of brewing -if this is a one off high then they have already more than justified their existence amongst the greats.

So, a polished cherry malt beer with solid shortbread weight to keep the base ready to handle everything else – allowing a huge mix of tart fruit flavours to do their thing. Find this. Grab it. Drink it. Maybe even keep the bottle label after you drink it is it is awesome as well. Try this if ever you can.

Background: So, I was wondering if I should shove this under Amber ale or IIPA? It is very Imperial Amber Ale like, but hop style is straight IIPA. They describe it as a *grinds teeth* Double India Red Ale. So, guess IIPA it is then by the “sticking as close as possible to how the brewer calls it rule”. Anyway, my last experience with Odyssey was good, and the bottle label for this is awesome, so I grabbed this from Independent Spirit. Drunk while listening to Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters – something about the album cover seemed to match the bottle label for this – and I do like a good bit of punk.

Odyssey: Ego Wars: V2 (England: IPA: 6.5% ABV)

Visual: Light hazy banana yellow. Massive large bubbled yellow white head that leaves lace.

Nose: Pumpkin. Peach. White bread. Gentle hop character. Light grapefruit. Light custard slices. Coriander.

Body: Big bitter kick and hop oils. Pink grapefruit. Prickly. Peppery. Peach. Dried apricot. Fresh squeezed raspberry. Light toffee. Kumquat. Slight cloying touch.

Finish: Bitter hops. Hop oils. Resin. Grapefruit. Peppery. Cloying sour dough character.

Conclusion: In Citra vs Galaxy it seems the winner is pure alpha acid bitterness and hop character. Both Citra and Galaxy rock big flavour and aroma from their hop character – lots of fruit notes – this however leads, follows and ends with huge hop bitter kick. Subtle? No. In a way though it is refreshing. Refreshing as a concept rather than a refreshing beer – it is more heavy duty than refreshing flavour wise. No it is refreshing as a lot of big IPAs these days seem to emphasise the fruit, and going with very big sweetness – minimising or heavily counterbalancing the bitterness. It is good to see a non nonsense bitter hop assault of an IPA again.

While the other, fruitier characteristics are secondary they are far from absent. You get a mix of tart grapefruit notes and sweet peach that are the main hop flavours coming through. From memory I would say Galaxy is showing more than Citra. The main flavour is Galaxy – Citra seems to bring the freshness. Very fresh and just enough sweetness – just what I needed to make the hop assault survivable – definitely a good wake up call of a beer.

The malt base is pretty clean and dry – some soft toffee backing, some cloying dough like twisty – but really this just lets the hops run wild – tart and bitter.

A very good IPA – flavoursome but it doesn’t forget to bring the alpha acids that are in the history of the IPA. There is some complexity under the high bitterness, but goes more for intensity. I think many will find its rough bitter edges a flaw. I don’t. In a world of super smooth IPAs this isn’t afraid to be harsh.

I respect that.

Background: Never saw ego wars 1. Hope this isn’t one of the cases when the sequel is worse than the original. Anyway, the name seems to relate that each beer has two hops competing in it. In this case Citra Vs Galaxy. Two good hops there. Not tried Odyssey beers, but the label looks cool and an IPA is a good go to for checking out a brewery in my opinion. Drunk while listening to Against Me! Shape Shift With Me again. Not quite as good as Transgender Dysphoria Blues but still a very good album. This was grabbed from Independent Spirit.

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