Reissdorf: Kolsch (Germany: Kolsch: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Golden yellow with a moderate swirly white head.

Nose: Quite malty, fluffy, little bit of smooth lemon.

Body: A lively chalky fizz, sweet, very malty. Maltloaf at the back, touch of syrup.

Finish: Decent malt and orange back. Nuttiness, slightest hops and chalk.

Conclusion: A nicely balanced similar to lager style beer with a bit of fizz that does not distract from the main body, with a wonderful dose of malt added.

Obviously not the depths expected of an ale, being closer in type to the lager style, but has a lot of flavour in the malt and the back lasts decently with a nice range of flavour. Not a Kolsch that ends up feeling like “breathing wet air”.

Enjoyable and well made, a nice warm up first beer at the festival.

(Thanks to Will for the assist with this tasting note)