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Samuel Smiths: Yorkshire Stingo (England: English Strong Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual: Deep chestnut to red. Small loose toffee coloured bubbled head.

Nose: Glacier cherries. Marzipan. Raisins and rum. Malt.

Body: Full bodied. Lots of fruitcake. Port. Cherries. Liquorice.  Raisins. Very thick. Marmalade. Slight sour wine. Almonds.

Finish: Marzipan and fruitcake. Thick feeling still and golden syrup like. Liquorice. Malt loaf.

Conclusion: As always my (acknowledged) bias may be showing, but this puts the similar Fullers Vintage ale in the shade for sheer quality.  It is smooth, full bored with a fortified wine feel and flavour but despite that has no annoying alcohol burn presence, Lots of fruit and subtle marzipan backing it up for the flavour.  The usual annoying elements for this style, that of excessive liquorice flavour is handled well with the liquorice understated so not to be annoying. Oh and did I mention it’s smooth as. Because it is.

There are spirit like touches, again in flavour but not force. In fact the only real problem is the usual for beers this strength and style. In an ideal world they would be available in 330ml, half pint measures as that is the perfect sized serving for them. Oft on the latter third of the bottle the strength of the flavour works against it as it starts becoming slightly samey between sips.

A very malt dominated beer, and one that would probably age well. Frankly it’s time ageing before bottling puts it ahead of most even drunk young. Top notch in the malt heavy fruity beer stakes with strong flavour and a long lasting finish. As I have come to expect Samuel Smiths have done well again.

Background: Bias warning. This is from Yorkshire. This automatically means it is excellent. Samuel Smiths is probably my favourite of the traditional style brewers in the UK(Yes I’m biased, I admitted it, live with it).  This beer was fermented in Yorkshire Squares and has been aged over a year in casks that have been used to hold the beer over the years.

Good old Samuel Smiths

Sorry for a slight delay in updates,.

 Anyway, was in a Samuel Smiths owned pub for food yesterday when it suddenly hit me, in all of the nearly 350 tasting notes I’ve done so far (of which more will be updates shortly) I’ve yet to do a tasting note on a single Sam Smith beer.

 Considering that they are possibly the best brewery in England, and definitely the best old school brewery this seems to be a crime I have to resolve soon.  I have always liked their beer, its never jumped on the new wave bandwagon with oddities and wild experiments, but has always turned out top notch Traditional beers that show there’s a lot of life in the old styles yet.

I’m glad for all the madcap craft brewers pushing out the insane experiments I love, but I would never want to see them completely displace these classic beers.

 Just musing out loud, feel free to comment.

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