Old Chimney: Good King Henry Special Reserve (England: Imperial Stout: 11% ABV)
(2007 Bottled Drank 2010)

Visual: Pours thick black and only slightly bubbly with absolutely no head. The bubbles settle down in moments leaving a dark abyss of a body.

Nose: Coconut macaroon, raisins. liquorice. Cherries. Christmas pudding and brandy cream. Sherry. Milk chocolate. Figs, more pure coconut, trifle and truffle centres.

Body: Liquid silk, subtle chocolate, roasted nuts. Vanilla. Bitter coffee, cream and dates. The slightest hint of alcohol danger. Red wine and raspberry.

Finish: Dry wafers, hazelnuts. Treacle, full bitterness comes in finally, wood shavings. Oak/Charred oak. Gin. Slightly harsh. Coffee.

Conclusion: Possibly the greatest aroma on a beer I have ever encountered. The richness and wonderful coconut elements led to a significant time before the beer progressed to being sipped.

The rest of the beer is nearly as equally excellent and smooth with just harsh enough finish to give that final edge of bite to an otherwise silk textured beer. Nothing can quite match the brilliance of the nose but it comes close.

In the imperial stouts race this beer easily wins on nose and only just loses out to the magnificent Beer Geek Brunch Weasel on body. Those two beers are possibly the greatest Imperial Stouts ever made and to try and separate which was best overall would be foolhardy.

Wonderfully smooth, so much flavour and just the slightest kick. This a fantastic beer and even the small bottle it comes in could be shared between friends without anyone feeling that they are not getting a fair deal.

Tied top beer in a field of giants.