Alvinne Podge Belgium Imperial Stout (Belgium: Imperial Stout: 10.5% ABV)

Visual: Very deep brown back, with a quickly diminishing brown head that leaves islands of froth along the surface.

Nose: Bitter in all things, hops, black chocolate. Slight salt, vanilla. All merges into a rising nose that makes you thirsty for the first sip. Fruit – grapes and white wine.

Body: Bitter, then chocolate, then settles on treacle as it lounges around your mouth. Touch of peanut butter and chocolate spread. An overly rich late coffee. Richly sweet like luxury chocolates and death by chocolate cake. The words double and triple chocolate cannot be overused here, sponge cream layers and chocolate dusting.

Finish: Dry, slightly bitter, coffee cuts in at this point. Wholemeal crackers then light sugar sweetness.

Conclusion: A very sweet and chocolaty interpretation of the stout with just a slight bite to add. Feels luxurious, like your treating yourself. The alcohol barely registers, it feels like it should be drunk from an overly large brandy snifter whilst relaxing in a hot soothing bubble bath (Cigar optional)

Note: This tasting note was done while listening to Ulver: Shadows Of The Sun. This beer goes perfectly with that album.