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Grup Modelo (Corona) Negra Modelo

Grup Modelo (Corona): Negra Modelo (Mexico: Vienna Lager: 5.4% ABV)

Visual: Chestnut brown. Small greyed head. Clear. A little carbonation.

Nose: Treacle. Malt chocolate. Toffee. Light roasted notes.

Body: Treacle. Roasted nuts. Light charring. Brown sugar. Chocolate. Toffee.

Finish: Brown sugar. Light dusty attic. Roasted character. Treacle.

Conclusion: Simple but satisfying sums this beer up well. It is not as sweet as you may imagine considering the amount of times I’ve put the word “Treacle “in the notes above, however it is definitely at that end of the spectrum.

The biggest showing characteristics are the brown sugar and the treacle notes over a roasted nut base. Ok, that may just be me repeating roughly half the words I used in the main tasting notes, but it is, as I said, simple.

However I am enjoying it, it is refreshing, manages not to be sickly, and balances the few elements it has well in a good malty dark lager. There is also a slight counterpoint, one that, unfortunately, is quite hard to put into words. It is slightly dusty in the finish, there is what would be a sour dough twist if it was stronger, but it isn’t. As is it is just a slight grounding for the sweetness.

So, it is another one of those beers that are not for contemplating – but for enjoying with friends in the sun or at a barbecue – and would generally be welcome even by people who usually keep to less flavoursome beers. Ok, that was damning with faint praise. It is a reasonable beer, nowt special, but reasonable.

Background: While I was in Prague I ended up talking with a couple of women from Mexico – they mentioned they were surprised at how many people drank Corona in the UK as the dark lagers were far more popular in Mexico. So, despite the fact this is part of the Corona group, when I saw it in Corks Of Cotham I grabbed a bottle to try. Drunk while listening to The Clash – London Calling. Which was nice. Also, even for me this was not a great photo. Ah well, sorry everyone.

Carlsberg Sverige Backyard Brew The Lawn Mower Amber Lager

Carlsberg Sverige: Backyard Brew: The Lawn Mower Amber Lager (Sweden: Vienna Lager: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Browned gold, moderate mounded head that leaves suds. Moderate carbonation.

Nose: Flour. Palma violets. Fluffy hops. Cake sponge.

Body: Brown sugar and golden syrup cake. Palma violets. Light bitterness. Toffee. Cardboard.

Finish: Slick remaining feel. Slight gritty hops. Honey. Some bitterness. Caramel. Greenery. Cardboard.

Conclusion: First thoughts on writing this conclusion: Huh, not bad. I have to admit I was kind of expecting the worst, despite some previous good history with Carlsberg in Denmark itself – but, while this has its rough spots – initial impressions are that it is hardly hideous.

Let’s go to the worst aspect first – the back end. The finish, which should really be a rounding off of what came before, and a refreshing smooth out is, well, a bit rough.

It’s a bit grit, a bit rough greenery, bit cardboard – and for that I pretty much can’t recommend the beer. However, with that said let us work back from that point and find as it becomes progressively more pleasant.

The body still has underlying elements that have the same weakness as the finish, but layers over that a thick yet slick sweetness that makes a good impression up front. There is a Palma violet hint in the hops that reminds me of the noble hops, and a very brown sugar and golden syrup sweetness that dominates. Surprisingly it is pretty smooth despite the heavy emphasis on the sweeter flavours.

Now let’s lead the experience back once more to the aroma. While pretty unobtrusive this is actually well done, gentle but with crisp hops that seem to call to noble hop styling with a cake sponge sweetness. While not giving much away it is far from unpleasant as an introduction to the beer.

Now, as a single beer, well, with the exception of the finish it is ok. However, I can’t see the sweet emphasis body holding up too well over more than one beer, and for something called a “Lawn Mower” beer that is a bad thing.

In fact as I reach the end of this beer it is already wearing out its welcome. the rougher finish is backing up and running roughshod over the main body. The more pleasing notes are fading away, so I am doubting it will even last the entire can.

So, I expected worse, and it is drinkable for a while – but it isn’t really worth it.

Background: Everyone is trying to be craft beer these days. “Backyard Brew” with its imagery of a beer knocked up in a small space – made by Carlsberg- ok Carlsberg Sweden, but still Carlsberg. Then again some of Carlsberg Denmark’s beers are actually quite good, the ones that never seem to leave the country, so it is worth giving this a chance. Well, I say give a chance, this was donated to me for review purposes. Many thanks. Rate beer calls this a Premium lager for style, it calls itself an Amber Lager, so I will list it as what it is trying for. For now. I am always unsure reviewing macro brewery beers. Half of me wonders if I am being harsh due to them being part of the macro scene, the other half of me worries I am going easy on them to try and avoid letting my biases affect me. Hopefully it comes out about even, you will have to decide for yourself.

Pelforth: Ambree (France: Vienna: 6% ABV)

Visual: Rich honeyed gold. Loose bubbled white head.

Nose: Very malty. Potpourri. Touch of honey. Slight sugar dusting. Slightly musty. Crushed pine cones.

Body: Malt and orange. Liquorice underneath. Quiet fizzy textured with a waxy style coming in after. Some oaken elements mid body. Slight toffee.

Finish: Dry black liquorice. Has an alternate switch between slick and dry. Finally leaves a slightly waxy sheen as it makes its mind up.  A slight bells whisky finish style. Smoke. Builds to a touch of malt chocolate.

Conclusion: I’m not really sold on this, if only because it only seems half there. That isn’t to say it isn’t full flavoured. More reflecting that it is very simply flavoured.

It’s got the base down pat. A fresh aroma, and a slightly waxy body.  That last element is one I see a lot in French beers for some reason.  Good chunk of malt sweetness backing it up. So it has the texture and the sweetness sorted. Then it just goes, well, nowhere.  Its like they decided to sod off from the workplace for lunch after they got the texture sorted.

Still, while slightly boring and inoffensive the beer does have a very pleasant nose. It has odd elements leading to picking stuff up like “Crushed pine cones” in an attempt to describe what I was finding there after giving up on finding anything closer.

So firm of body and weak of flash. Not one I would recommend.

Background: France always seems slightly odd with its beers. Somewhat thick textured and oft slightly waxy.  It’s an interesting stylistic choice.  This particular beer is in a very small 25cl bottle, thus was perfect for when I just wanted a quick drink to tasting note.

Royal Beer Classic (Denmark: Vienna :4.8% ABV)

Visual: Amber, nearly no head, clear, few bubbles

Nose: milk, light ash

Body: malty, roasted nuts, campfire ash floating in the air, over carbonated

Finish: Dry hops, liquorice, bitter, slight chemical

Conclusion: A better beer than the nose would suggest; its character has a harsh edge that is pleasing. Off notes keep coming through which prevent it from being a highly recommended beer.

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