Wickwar: Station Porter (England: Porter: 6.1% ABV)

Visual: Dark black with a thin sheen of bubbles dancing over.

Nose: Light coffee

Body: Real thick texture envelops the tongue with sweet condensed cream, bitter coffee, brown sugar and black toffee. Waves of texture and flavour. Blackcherry.

Finish: Spoon holding thick treacle that sticks around. Overwhelming in this flavour then subsides to a light dustyness.

Conclusion: One of my favourite porters, direct, rich and thick. Its heavy texture makes the flavour languish on your tongue rather than subside quickly. Its almost but not quite sickly sweetness teases you to the edge of wondrous enjoyment.

The blackcherry influence is undeniable and is the final element that makes this top notch beer.

This is what porters are all about.