Rodenbach Grand Cru: (Belgium: Sour Ale: 6% ABV)

Visual: red brown, nearly no head – acid bubbles floating on the top instead.

Nose: Acid, slight vinegar, hint of strawberry, black cherry, raisin. A fruity range in sour sharp notes.

Body: Frothy, sour kick on swallowing with acid bite. Harsh wine, squeezed lemon sharpness; sour and sweet intermixed over the years.

Finish: Raspberry fresh mouth after, lemon, sweet, leaves a lingering sweet sheen on the gums.

Conclusion: I’ve drunk this beer many a time. It’s complex, fruity, sour, challenging and powerful. Its vinegar notes set a high bar for entrance and are initially off-putting, but it eventually becomes like an old friend as the beer explodes out in its full range.
After all these drinks and all these comments I still can’t decide if I like it or not. But I keep coming back to it so that says something.