Butts Golden Brown (England: ESB: 5% ABV)

Visual: Light amber with a red tinge; bubbly light head.

Nose: Sour red cherry.

Body: Forest fruits; slightly light on the flavour. Sweet ice cream syrup, strawberry.

Finish: Hops kick in, raspberry. Fruit milkshake air.

Conclusion: Not bad; refreshing – a tad too light on the flavours to make a supreme beer. This works best as ½ pint taken as a taste-bud revitaliser between two heavier beers.

GUEST TASTER: Dylan Ransom

Visual: Medium amber/ruby. Clear light head

Nose: Mixed fruit with a hint of sulphur, not unlike a sweeter lighter bass.

Body: Hint of elderberry. Sweet and dry.

Finish: A light sharp aftertaste that lasts on the pallet.

Conclusion: Tasty beer, sweet, fruity and tangy. 7/10.