Glendronach Grandeur (Scottish Speyside Single Malt Whisky: Sherry Cask: 31 Years: 45.8% ABV)

(Note: Due to being tried at the whisky show, these were smaller measures done in a packed and friendly social environment, so are not as full notes as normal, however the chance to tasting note such a range of high quality whiskies was not to be missed)

Visual: Very dark sherry red amber. Very rich and inviting.

Viscosity: Very slow and thin puckering.

Nose: Surprisingly floral for the colour, with light wheat and lime, hint of raisin and other dried and sherried fruit. Slightly dusty

Body: Slick textured, the flavour of the  first sip is nigh lost in the shock of how smooth the feel is.  Second sip brings toffee and vanilla a slight malt like edge. Shortbread dryness gives the needed back to a custard like element. Very sweet.

Finish: The sweetness lightens with raisins and light chocolate. Slight dusty then into a familiar bitter chocolate until just bitter touches remain.

Conclusion: A very sweet and smooth whisky.  The body is remarkable in being possibly the smoothest textures whisky I have tried.  Very well balanced, and shares a similar chocolate finish to the Dalmore 40 I was comparing it directly against, though this is not quite so creamy.

The huge advantage this spirit brings is that mentioned smooth as silk body.  The texture gives it a soothing feel so you are never competing with it to find the flavours.  That said the finish couldn’t quite manage the luxury feel to the same extent.

Due to a bit of friendly rivalry between the two stands this was going head to head with the Dalmore 40, and the Damore wins on the nose easily, however unlike the slightly weaker body of the Dalmore this is the real deal.  A wonderful counter, and for all they were in competition I found they complement each other better than they fight.