Innis and Gunn: Melville’s Strawberry Beer (Scotland: Fruit Beer: 4.1% ABV)

Visual: Clear cherryade red, thin dash of white bubbles.

Nose: Very fresh strawberry, very sweet. Sugar dusting and ice cream Sundays.

Body: Fizzy texture, strawberry. Dry wood, light bitterness and apple juice.

Finish: Apple acidity and flavour. Lager dry malt and dry hop touch. Slight popcorn feel, Decent bitterness as it winds down.

Conclusion: So a lager based fruit beer huh. I would have expected the lighter lager style to disappear before the fruit, but that turned out not to be the case.  Whilst almost cherryade sweet in the aroma, and distinctly similar in the carbonation, the finish brings surprisingly noticeable hopped lager feel to round it off.

Heck, from this I am slightly interested to see what the base lager would actually taste like, and wonder if it would stand up ok on its own? Maybe, who knows, can’t be worse than Fosters, or Tescos value lager.

The fruit is strong and sweet, though I can see somewhat of a cherryaid style, most likely due to the fizziness and the lack of grip that comes with the less thick lager style.

Does the fruit well, but not likely to be a favourite of mine. It’s very much aimed as a light refresher, rather than as a contemplative classic.  Though I will admit, for the light refresher style it does give a reasonable bit of bite and hops to give it some back, and that bit extra helps make it more refreshing than a simple sickly beer would have been.

Simple, but very fruity over a decent base.  Definitely a lot better than the alchopops most people use for this kind of thing, so may serve good purpose for combating those sickly nightmares.

Not bad, but very deliberately not challenging you or your expectations.

Background:  Provided free by R and R Teamwork for reviewing.  Many thanks to them, and thus the appropriate disclaimer that I will try not to let this influence my review but I thought I should reveal anything that may cause a bias.  Lager based which is slightly odd for a fruit beer.  Apparently it should be served over ice, but, well no, you just don’t do that to a beer, fruit or no.