I have this great metal Laphroaig tin, back from the days when whisky boxes were fearsome beasts designed to survive a nuclear apocalypse.  It’s found its uses over the years as a carry case for plugs, headphones, spare camera batteries wires and the like. It’s also great for bringing fragile stuff back from on holiday as long as ye use some bubble wrap.

However used this way it puts the shits up security people at airports majorly.

I will never forget their expression as they asked me to empty my bags. Nor my knowing realization of exactly what a metal tin filled with wires and batteries could possibly look like under an x-day.

Boy has my bag been thoroughly checked, double checked, swabbed for plastic explosives and so on over the years.

No real point to today’s musings. Just memories.

And maybe apologies to the poor airports staff who have to put up with those painful long seconds as I rummage in the bag to bring it to light.

I don’t do it to be pain, it’s just such a useful carry box. Thanks for being understanding, and not sending me to that private room for a more…thorough… examination.