Blindmans: Siberia (England: ESB: 4.7% ABV)

Visual: Slightly copper brown. Loose bubbly beige head.

Nose: Vanilla. Dry hops. Nettles and light wood.

Body: Vanilla toffee. Good bitter back. Very malty. Slight ginger snap. Liquorice below. Tingly texture.

Finish: Bitter. Malt loaf and butter. Light dry ginger. Even lighter aniseed air.

Conclusion:  A Christmas beer that goes against the usual tradition of having a heavy and or dark beer for the entry. Instead we have a beer with a light sparkle, maybe ginger in nature.

I’m not quite sure for the reason of the Siberia name, outside of snow=Christmas theme.  Despite that it’s not bad, a sweet set beer with a nice balance between tingle bitter and sweet.

In the fact it also has a very light liquorice touch to the body and aniseed air to the finish.  Both of which somehow manage to be subtle enough to not interfere. Impressive as usually the flavours get on my nerves, especially in lighter beers.

Later on the bitter dominates, though without becoming heavy set, it does result in simpler final few mouthfuls though and can get a bit samey.

Definitely better than average and a good solid bitter. Not fantastic, but that slight ginger tweak means I’m more likely to have a pint than not I would say.

Background; Drunk at the royal oak. The oak had been closed for a while and we were enjoying it being back.  I have no real major attachment to blindmans brewery but I find that they tend to be a reasonable pint.