Revival Moor

Moor: Revival (England: Bitter: 3.8% ABV)

Visual:  Pours very lively and cloudy. Clears to a hazy banana to gold with ripe banana skin coloured bubbled mounds. The head leaves suds as the beer is drunk.

Nose: Mango and apricot. Ripe banana. Touch of pineapple. Custard cream biscuits.

Body: Nice bitterness. Grapefruit and mango. Dry bitterness. Pineapple. Good hop character. Grape syrup undertones.

Finish: Bitter. Kumquats. Quite dry and moderate amount of hops. Grapes. Slight malt drinks.

Conclusion: This is a nice treat. Moor Beers seem to be following me around the country at the moment, so I thought it was time to do another review. Hand pull from cask as well which tends to suit Moor well.

This one has good hoppiness and lots of citrus notes that belie its modest abv. The mango and kumquat is quite dry but with the fresher grapefruit notes balancing.  It makes me think of a real ale take on Dead Pony Club. Thicker textured and drier in the hops as suits the hand pull, but with similar flavours and they are similarly refreshing and easy to drink.

The body has more weight, and seems less sharp. The hops are much drier as mentioned, especially in the finish. There is a bit of malt drink style flavour which works as a quite neutral base. It doesn’t show itself much, mainly only peaking through when the hops pull back.

There is plentiful hops, which are used to good effect. The bitterness is thus just enough, bracing but doesn’t kill the chance to session it. The flavours may be just a touch too dry, but not overly so. It feels more that the beer is highly attenuated, possibly could do with touch more sweetness at the base. It is a point if I have to pick flaws, but not particularly intrusive.

All in all a very welcome beer.

Background: First on the way home I ran across my friends from capoeira. Now I couldn’t pass that by, so we played some music and some capoeira.  Energized yet simultaneously drained I headed home, where, armed only with baking soda, vinegar and a plunger I faced in vicious contest Man Vs Blocked Sink. Spoiler warning. I won.  Then I found I had accidentally stolen Gira’s glasses that he had left with me during Capoeira. So I cleaned up and rushed back into town to give them back to him.

Thus Gira and I ended up in the Raven where they are having a bit of a beer festival.

I tell you all this so you understand one thing. I earned this bloody pint.

Moor beers have been following me. A Somerset beer, I ran into them while I was in London, then they were waiting for me back in Bath. Since they are generally good beers I could hardly pass up the omen could I?