Ok, over the years various groups have given me products, etc, which could be considered a conflict of interest and I have tried to make sure that I always list these in the notes. I always do my best to remain impartial anyway, but feel full disclosure is important. So, to make things easier I thought I would collect and list them here for future reference.

Brewdog: I am an Equity For Punks shareholder, and have been since the first release so have a financial benefit from them doing well. On the other side I have openly criticised them for times when they have been dismissive about feedback to their controversial promotions, especially with their response to the accusations of insulting the homeless, sex workers and transpeople in one of their promotional videos.

Brewhouse and Kitchen (Bristol): While I was doing tasting notes the staff provided a generous amount of free samples of their other beers to try after I had mentioned doing the notes for my blog.

Girvan Distillery: Girvan have provided samples of their spirit for review, and also invited me up to a paid for event that involved touring their distillery, sampling whisky and staying at a hotel just outside Glasgow.

Glendronach: At a whisky show they provided a free tasting of their Grandeur for tasting notes when they noticed I was doing tasting notes of some of the Dalmore whisky on the stand next door.

The Hideout: I’ve had many a long whisky chats with the staff and owner, and have been given generous measures when buying whisky for tasting notes, a free whisky glass, and even the very occasional discount.

Hyde Whiskey: Hyde Whiskey offered samples for review on twitter, and I took them up on the offer resulting in receiving a free whiskey miniature to review.

Independent Spirit Of Bath: I have been shopping with them for a while and get along with the staff there. As of such I have written an article for their website, and they have provided several beers for review. Also they invited me to assist with tastings on the Master Of Malt Whisky Calendar 2015, which I have put up on this site.

Innis and Gunn: Their promoters have provided me with several beers for review over the years after they saw I had reviewed one of their beers favourably.

I think that is everyone, if I missed any I will add as and when recalled.