Omnipollo: Konx (Sweden: low Alcohol: 0.3% ABV)

Visual: Hazy light lemon juice colour. Moderate white head.

Nose: Lightly tart. Pineapple. Squeezed lime touch. Quite clean, Traditional lemonade. Flour dusted white baps. Mango touch.

Body: Lemon. Pineapple. Fresh and clean feel. Squeezed orange. Tiny gherkin touch. Vanilla.

Finish: Lemon. Traditional lemonade. Flour touch. Squeezed orange.

Conclusion: So, for those who can’t be bothered looking at the whole page – short notes – This is traditional lemonade, if traditional lemonade was a low alcohol beer with a low bitterness that grows to growling over time.

See, concise.

Now for everyone who wants to read on – This is light on the beer element, but thankfully there are still some there. It feels more like an isotonic drink in some ways, but there is a subtle hop feel and light tart fruit flavours that similarly have a touch of the hop character.

That fruity character is the mainstay of the beer – traditional lemonade but with squeezed fruit drop flavours that give a tart fresh character behind. It makes it super refreshing over a lightly sweet vanilla base.

There is a flour like touch giving a slightly thicker mouthfeel, and late on a low bitterness gives some edge to the whole thing. All of that makes this not just a fruit juice like drink, but has some complexity to it.

While not super beer like, it is delicious and goes down so very easily. A tad too easily considering it is slightly more expensive than the usual low alcohol fare, coming from Sweden as it does – but it is still very nice.

If this was easier to get hold of and a tad cheaper I would go through it at a scary rate. Lovely mouthfeel, much fruit character and just about enough beer. Pretty impressed in general.

Background: Been heading towards low alcohol beers for a burst – noticed I’d been hitting the high abvs a bit more than normal in lockdown, so wanted to even it out a bit and give my liver a rest. This was one of the more interesting ones found. They describe it has having a hopping rate equal to their IPAs and an expressive yeast blend. Now that is the kind of stuff I say “Yes Please” to. As an import from Sweden it is a bit more expensive than your average low alcohol beer, though not incredibly so. Another one picked up from Independent Spirit. This was drunk while listening to RTJ4 – I’d not listened to Run The Jewels before, but had heard good things and they were, and I think currently still are doing pay what you want as a donation to charity for the album. So perfect time to give it a try. Oh, and Black Lives Matter. If you disagree fuck off this site is not for you.

Anyway, in less confrontational thoughts, turns out RTJ do craft beer collaborations. That is pretty cool.

Also, Black Lives Matter. Repeating for those who missed it first time.