Schneider: Hopfen Weisse (Germany: Weizen Bock: 8.2% ABV)

(Note this beer is a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, there are two versions, the Schneider and the Brooklyn version: this is the Schneider version)

Visual: Steamy, cloudy lemon yellow with a burnished apricot middle. Small white head that leaves lace across the glass.

Nose: Coriander, ginger, lemon and apricot. Pineapple, Lemon cake. Wheaty. This is a powerful nose.

Body: Malt, brown sugar. Lemon and golden syrup. Slightly bitter. Large amounts of honey, strawberry. Dry wheat back. Raspberry and grapefruit.

Finish: Honey, wheat and hops. Apricot, raspberry, summer fruit Pavlova. Sour grapes. Passion fruit. Malt.

Conclusion: Gobsmackingly brilliant, I can see only Aventinus as a similar matched beer for quality in the style, but the two are so radically different beers that it is hard to compare them head to head. This is sweet and summer fruit compared to Aventinus dark and dark fruits. As it is this holds it head up high in its own field.

It’s fruity, sweet and wheaty. Plays with summer freshness, wonderful complexity and impressive force. The alcohol never hides, making you fully aware of the beast that you are drinking.

Sweet and sharp, powerful from nose to finish, this is a distinctive beer that I would recommend to anyone.