Art Brew: I Beer (England: Golden Ale: 4.0% ABV)

Visual: Clear yellow gold with a light bubbled head.

Nose: Crisp, vanilla, light hops. Lemon and orange. Very smooth, cream, honey. Light spice and toffee.

Body: Smooth, cream, toffee. Smooth hops, slight grassiness. Honey, more vanilla. Jaffa cake centres.

Finish: Hops, light charring. Wheat chaff. Bitterness finally. Malt.

Conclusion: Art brew have had a good rep with me for a while, and this beer is the main reason.

An exceptional session beer, low enough ABV, plentiful flavour, smooth and light with enough hops at the back to kick.

A pint that shows that session beers don’t have to be boring, the bitter ends makes each smooth sweet gulp a new refreshing moment, and you appreciate it all the more Just enough harsh and just enough sweet.

A subtle patch work of interactions and delights, less an assault (though it has its strong flavours) but more a cobweb of intricacies and flavour.

Just right in every way.