Zero Degrees: Mango (England: Fruit Belgium Witbier: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy darkened lemon orange with a dashing of a head.

Nose: Dusty, light mango, citrus and wheat. Pineapple. Light cooked chicken. Lemon sharp.

Body:  Very sweet. Golden syrup and mango. Fizzy feel- lemon sherbet in texture. Not overly carbonated. Traditional lemonade. Honeycomb. Slight chalky texture near end.

Finish: Lemon sherbet, traditional lemonade. Bananas. Very sweet.

Conclusion: So I finally get to try Zero Degree beers, and decided to start with something light from their fruit beer range.  Its almost soft drink style in its light fizzy body (but without the mass of carbonation thankfully).  It does however do this without losing its distinct beer texture, and does come in with a decent degree of real fruit flavour.

Not complex, nor challenging like the fruit lambics. It is very easy going. A decent first drink of the night, or a summer session ale it feels. Very evident in the mango.

After deliberation I come to the conclusion that this is basically mango juice wheat shandy.  Not a high class fancy beer, but refreshing and low enough ABV to session.

A final thought as I finished the beer was that this would work as a good introduction for strident non beer fans, its just beer textured enough to acclimatise them, yet fruit juice enough to make it easily drinkable.   Fine for all beer pimps on a mission to convert.

Background: I have not tried Zero Degree beers before, but had heard repeated mutterings of their good reputation and the quality of the food at their brewpub so thought it was time to give them a try.  These bears were drunk at the brewpub with friends, alongside some light cooked snacks.