Dalmore: 15 Year (Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky: 15 Year: 40% ABV)

Visual: Bronzed gold.

Viscosity: Quite a few fast thin streaks.

Nose: Almonds. Marmalade. Butterscotch and shortbread. Light sulphur. Water adds vanilla and tangerine.

Body: Thick texture. Golden syrup. Hints of glacier cherry. Shortbread. Fruitcake. Very smooth. Water adds toffee and mandarin orange.

Finish: Fruitcake and cherries. Marmalade. Shortbread. Water again adds toffee. Also much more marmalade with water.

Conclusion: Will I ever give a Dalmore a bad write up?  So far they have had quite the winning streak.  The trademark flavour of Dalmore is the marmalade touches. This takes that element and just blows the lid off. Fresh mandarin orange, smooth as can be. It takes the orange flavour from being an element and makes it instead THE element.

This does give it a more limited range than the 12 in some ways. It doesn’t have the same chocolate style, however it really explores the orange flavour, giving it a much more intricate profile.

As always with Dalmore it has lovely smooth texture and a refined air. While more single note here the added smoothness makes it feel much more luxurious.   This really is whisky where you can just relax and take it in without needing to struggle against the spirit.

It does bring in some elements to round it out such as the fruitcake that it holds at the back. It is when you add water though that you fully realise the whisky, again fresh mandarin orange but so very definitive in its expression.

I won’t put it as my favourite Dalmore due to not having that much variety to its notes, but when the harshest criticisms I can give is that it isn’t the best Dalmore I’ve had then that is weak criticism indeed.

Very tasty fresh and smooth.

Background: Drunk at The Star which has a pretty nice whisky selection. It seems that I am getting reasonably trusted with whisky reviews now as several places have allowed me to carry the whisky bottle to better spots for taking a photo. Dalmore is one of my preferred whiskies and I always like trying different variants.  This was drunk amidst a debate on exactly how old a computer game has to be to be considered retro. I still hold that anything more recent that Doom 2 does not bloody count.