Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn: Sorachi Ace (USA: Saison: 7.6% ABV)

Visual: Hazy lemon. Inch of loose white bubbles head. Some carbonation in the body but not heavy.

Nose: Wheat. Lemongrass. Crisp. Lemon meringue. Coriander. Apricot.

Body: Frothy, into smooth. Lemon grass. Peach. Bubblegum. Good bitterness. Cinnamon and coriander. Wheat. Funky yeast. Apricot.

Finish: Crisp bitterness. Lemon juice sheen. Good hops. Grapefruit.

Conclusion: Now this is more like what I hope for from the Brooklyn Brewery! I was a tad wary of this, despite my love of the Sorach Ace hop, as their Anniversary Lager was a bit sub par in my opinion. I shouldn’t have worried. This is awesome.

This is also a bit unusual as a saison, maybe it is the American smooth interpretation that seems common with their take on the Belgian styles – it is also nowhere near as rustic feeling as many saisons. In fact the crispness of the beer almost calls to lager styling ( In that element of drinkability and crispness alone, of course) making it dangerously easy to drink for a nearly 8% abv beer.

“Lager like?” I hear you cry. Even in that one element, you wonder, isn’t that bad for a saison? No. It does have that crisp, easy drinking body, but the head is thick and full, so every sip you drag through it gains an amazing texture that gives it a full body to complement the crispness. (As a note, I recommend only pour a little at a time so you can always have a fresh head for this reason). On top of that it has a yeasty character that reminds me of Orval on a good day ( A beer have come to appreciate much more over the years )

It all makes an excellent, if slightly usual, smooth base for a saison. Again I’m guessing this is the USA style influence, based on past experience of American Belgian Style beers.

So, anyway, I haven’t even mentioned the sorachi ace hop influence yet. You have the hop influenced layered over that excellent textured base – all expected lemongrass and bubblegum mixed in with the saison coriander and even new apricot elements. This unusual sorachi ace style works excellent with the saison characteristics.

It all combines to a dangerous, drinkable, unusual and flavoursome great textured ale. If they made this lower abv I would session it nigh forever, as is I will drink it as long as it is safe to. Highly recomended.

Background: Sorachi Ace! I am such a sucker for this hop, grabbed from Independent Spirit, who were very helpful in getting me a bottle. Thanks guys. I was very interested in seeing how Sorachi Ace combined with a saison, and was very much looking forwards to this. Shared with friends, this was drunk while listening to some Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues in preparation of seeing them live a few days later (The gig was awesome!)