Mikkeller: Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Denmark: Imperial Stout: 10.9% ABV)

Visual: Pours like treacle. Thick, viscous and black with a large chocolate ice cream brown head with a yellow orange tinge. Solid ice cream float looking clumps form in the sturdy head which stays throughout the life of the beer. The head leaves dark trails down the glass as the beer is consumed. The visual style is reminiscent of chocolate liquor.

Nose: Heaps of roasted nuts, just slightly heated wood, cinnamon, coffee and coffee shop aroma. Rounded and full in each element. Lemon. Chocolate chip cookies with a dollop of chocolate ice cream, Fresh cooked bread and whipped cream.

Body: Slick feel, roasted warmness. Treacle and bitter coffee. Slightly oily but froths up into a cappuccino taste. Resolute sweet golden syrup bidden behind a bitter streak a mile long. Oak and cream. The alcohol is dangerously understated. Gingerbread, pistachios and chocolate ice cream. Then at the back oh so very bitter again, vanilla and the tiniest lemon freshness, if not taste.

Finish: Dry bitter chocolate flakes which build slowly and surely to a crescendo. Milky coffee. This taste lasts as long as you can hold off taking another sip. Chocolate truffles, expensive ones. Coffee liquor. Wonderful nuttiness.

Conclusion: An expensive imported coffee that just happens to also be an explosive imperial stout.

Absurdly complex, fully developed and rounded with bitterness laced throughout and counterbalances with chocolate flavours and aromas. This beer doesn’t even hint at its mighty alcohol punch until your head starts feeling warm and relaxed.

This really is something special, but the beer must be shared lest its massive body overwhelms the palette. The most noticeable point with this beer is that instead of just having elements of flavours it takes them as a whole and then rounds them out to subtleties within. For example the huge coffee flavour is not just an influence but a fully formed coffee taste with nuances and textures, and yet is but one string to the beers bow.

This beer truly makes drinking something made out of deposits from a rats arse a wise choice.