Salopian: Blackwater: Psychedelic (England: Golden Ale: 4% ABV)

Visual: Pale gold, almost lager style but without the carbonation. Medium just off white head.

Nose: Lime, subtle hops and wheat. Smooth and slightly creamy. Tart lemon and squeezed orange. Light meringue nature.

Body: Wholemeal crackers, lime brown sugar and buttered popcorn. Tiny amount of strawberries. Lots of jiff lemon freshness. Sparkling feel, syrup touches mixes in with the lime. Light ginger.

Finish: Dry hops, wheat and popcorn. Drying dusty texture, yet not flavour. Slow growing bitterness that hangs around well. The hops grow to be equally as powerful. Still slight lemon fresh, treacle toffee touches.

Conclusion: A beer recommended highly to me by the serving staff. They advised that it packed a punch well above its abv, and I have to say that they weren’t lying.

Fresh and the lemon/lime punch really does well enough, however what really sells it is the slow growing finish that adds a significant bite without making it an assault ale.

Well done session ale, its not quite outmatching I Beer, but it carries a touch more bite. A great beer for refreshing and great beer for biting finish. So the first beer of the festival is a success.